Rules for dealing safely with crossbows

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Rules for dealing safely with crossbows Info 30.12.2021

  1. The crossbow is considered to be charged when the bow is strained. From that moment you can direct it only to the floor or to the target.
  2. Before shooting check the parts and mechanisms of the crossbow.
  3. Before shooting make sure there is no external obstacle for any part of the crossbow.
  4. Never put your thumb in the trigger even if the crossbow isn’t charged. You can put your thumb on the trigger only after pointing.
  5. Never shoot without charging the arrow.
  6. Always use correctly chosen arrows, otherwise it would be a vain shoot.
  7. Before shooting check every arrow. If it’s beck or whole waist is damaged never shoot with it.
  8. Never use a branch of a tree instead of the arrow, it may cause great damage.
  9. Sports and entertaining shootings must be held in separated and special furnished places with one shooting line.
  10. Never shoot if there are people around or in the shooting line.
  11. Put the arrow on the crossbow only if the shooting line is free.
  12. Never shoot straight up.
  13. Never shoot to a target if you think it won’t stop the motion of the arrow.
  14. Direct the charged crossbow only to the target or a shooting line.
  15. Do not hold the bowstring.
  16. Never touch the ocular of the crossbow with visual marker with your eyebrow, the weapon has a repel and you may be hurt while shooting.
  17. It’s forbidden to talk or turn around if the crossbow is n shooting state.
  18. It’s forbidden to distract the shooter’s attention or to touch the shooter who is targeting.
  19. Do not move with the charged crossbow.
  20. Do not convey or take the charged crossbow.
  21. While moving discharge the crossbow
  22. Always keep the shooting line under control.
  23. During group shooting don’t let the members cross the shooting line or the audience be close to you. The audience should be in 2 meters distance from the shooter.
  24. Don’t let your weapon without control.
  25. Don’t touch others weapons if you don’t have their permission.
  26. Don’t touch the crossbow if there are people in the shooting line.
  27. It’s forbidden to dismantle the charged crossbow.
  28. Children are forbidden to touch or to shoot the crossbow without the elder’s control.
  29. In the open air don’t direct the charged crossbow upper the top of the target.
  30. Don’t leave the crossbow charged for a long time.
  31. It’s preferable to use protecting glasses during the shooting.

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