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TOP 10 Pistol Cases

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 29.03.2020

1.Name: Seahorse SE 630 Pistol Case
   Size: 444 mm x 360 mm x 190 mm
   Weight: 2.86 kg

   Capacity: Up to 4 semi-automatic guns and 12 magazines
   Special features: Watertight, airtight, lined with cross-link polyethylene foam

2.Name: Pelican 1200 Gun Case
   Size: 236mm × 180 mm × 104 mm
   Weight: 1,2 kg
   Capacity: Three handguns plus accessories
   Special features: Customizable interior, waterproof, pressure lock

3.Name: MTM Dual
   Size: 355mm x 355mm x 355mm
   Weight: 997 g
   Capacity: 2 revolvers up to 11 inches long and ammo
   Special features: Conceal-carry friendly, o-ring seal

4.Name: Case Club 4-Pistol Case
   Size: 378 mm x 307 mm x 243 mm
   Weight: 3 kg
   Capacity: 4 pistols and 12 extra magazines
   Special features: Certified Airline approved (checked luggage only), silica gel holders, waterproof and dustproof

5.Name: Pelican 1170
   Size: 211 mm x 295 mm x 96 mm
   Weight: 1,13 kg
   Capacity: One revolver plus accessories
   Special features: TSA approved, automatic pressure equalization, dustproof, watertight

6.Name: 5.11 Pistol Case
   Size: 222mm x 279 mm x 44 mm
   Weight: 340 g
   Capacity: Single Pistol and ammo
   Special features: all-weather nylon

7.Name: GPS Handgunner Backpack
   Size: 406 mm x 254 mm x 482mm
   Weight: 2,54 kg
   Capacity: Up to four handguns and ammo
   Special features: Mildly shockproof, backpack model with extra pockets for supporting equipment or accessories

8.Name: AdirOffice Portable Travel Gun Safe
   Size: 238 mm x 165mm x 50mm
   Weight: 1,54 kg
   Capacity: One handgun plus ammo
   Special features: Secure lockbox, 4-layer foam lining

9.Name: Plano 1404 Gun Case
    Size: 457 mm x 330 mm x 101 mm
    Weight: 1,3 kg
    Capacity: One or two handguns plus accessories
    Special features: Watertight and steel construction

10.Name: Nanuk 925 Gun Hard Case
      Size: 432mm x 299mm x 165mm
      Weight: 2,8 kg
      Capacity: One or two handguns plus accessories
      Special features: industrial-grade resin construction

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