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M-truck M&B Device

Device for transportation PVC boats. Weight 3,3 lbs. Accessible on any surface. suits to any trolley of M-truck production.

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Transom Wheels

Zinc, Stainless steel AISI 304. Foundation tube thickness 2 mm. Solid wheels, diameter 260 mm, width 75 mm. Load capacity 440 lbs.

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M-truck (FW)

M-truck (FW) Strengthened trolley with additional wheels on the handle for comfort loading into the car trunk or another means of transport. For outbo […]

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M-truck (MW)

M-truck (MW) Lightweight trolley with additional wheels for comfort loading in the car trunk. Load carrying capacity 135 lbs. Motor strength capacity […]

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M-truck (F)

M-truck (F) Strengthened trolley for outboard motors and boats. Load carrying capacity up to 200 lbs. Motor strength capacity 20 – 40 h.p. Metal […]

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