Multiple style signal jammers are designed to have different interference frequency bands

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On the evening of December 19 local time, London Gatwick Airport intercepted two jets, prompting the aircraft to take off and land, and the aircraft was forced to shut down. Gatwick Airport is said to be 43 kilometers south of London and is the second largest airport in the UK. At 9:00 pm local time on the 19th, the airport suddenly discovered that two industrial-grade drones may interfere with the aircraft’s takeoff and landing, and then the airport closed the runway. The airport reopened at 3 am on the 20th. After 45 minutes, the airport was again disturbed by drones, and then the authorities announced the closure of the airport.


According to reports, a driver in Indonesia was ignited by the static electricity on the mobile phone during use, and the gasoline vapor exploded and was burned, and the car was seriously damaged. Too scary To protect yourself from danger, it is very necessary to install a high-power mobile phone blocker. The threat of mobile phones to gas stations and their users worldwide is largely due to their ability to generate sparks. In order to prevent sparks, our stone has selected many jammers for you. For these reasons, some people, especially teenagers, are prone to fall over their mobile phones while at the station.


Netline officials sold the first jammer in 1998. The company’s officials said that they sold thousands of jammers each year and expanded their business globally.They are far from the manufacturer. These devices are sold worldwide, and many vendors sell them through the Internet.According to Dr. Humphries, four years ago, after the Crimean invasion, American analysts first discovered that Russian troops were interfering with drones in eastern Ukraine. These radar jammers “have a major impact on the UAVs deployed by the United Nations to carry out surveillance missions in the area.” The crew stopped for several days and were unable to gather information by plane.


These cellular jammers are permanently controlled by a central administrator who can authorize or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular jammers are connected by CAN (controller area network) in the local area network and managed by the central base station (CBS). The intelligent jamming system controls everything from detection to alarm, when and where a single cell phone establishes communication to block calls. IJS can use ON / OFF switch for remote operation. If the interference component of the mobile phone is located in a building or area away from the control unit, activation of the remote control may remotely activate the cellular jammer.


Although the telephone is used whenever a wireless communication device is used, there are invisible lines that serve as base stations for mobile phones. The first step for a mobile phone to make or receive a call is to first establish a connection with a nearby mobile phone base station. If your left and right hands are a mobile phone and a left-handed mobile phone to call the right-handed mobile phone, the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone will not be directly transmitted from the left hand to the right hand, but it is so simple, but from the phone to the left hand will be hundreds M roundabout.


Of course, in order to meet the needs of people today, there are many types of signal blockers designed to have different interference frequency bands, and there are functions on the market, you can also find it. Signal blocker, here you can find a real example with advanced design, the example name is “Portable Bluetooth Bluetooth GPS Jammer Blocker Blocker”, you can simply get the overall information of the signal blocker through this example.


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