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    Most of the things in wilderness could stay because they not that rs gold overpowered. A few things might need rebalancing but a lot of the content is out of date anyway. I ok with whatever removal/rebalance that Jagex needs to do. There a lot of lore in Forinthry so I sure good future content could be added as well.

    Don get me wrong, I love Breath of the Wild and think it is a great game, but honestly it could have been it own series. The gameplay is so vastly different it has more in common with Shadow of the Colossus than it does with Ocarina of Time or Link to the Past. Honestly Oceanhorn, the Zelda clone mobile game from 2013, is closer to an actual “Zelda game” for the Switch than BotW and that saying something. I actually considering getting Oceanhorn 2 if and when it comes out on the Switch because it seems to have that Zelda experience I been craving.

    Repaired bat on Little League batter statue is back just time for world series Repaired bat on Little League batter statue is back just time for world series The bat was replaced Thursday on the statue of a Little League batter that is among the “Bases Loaded” statues in Market Square that help mark Williamsport as the birthplace of Little League Baseball.

    Narration: So how does gene doping work? You encapsulate a foreign gene with a virus, which acts as a vehicle for transporting that gene into the body’s muscles cells. It takes up residence in the DNA and goes to work following the genetic instructions. Mike Ashenden is an expert in the field of drug detection

    Please change those plans. Its really disappointing that all categories are not treated equally in this design. Its the one thing that really disappoints me in this whole thing. 5 categories should means 5 cape sets. If they important enough to be categories of their own within comp, then they should be treated like it.

    The Icon’s hydraulic clutch is light enough for traffic, but feels sturdy and substantial. Shift action is mechanical and a bit heavy. It’s all just right for a truck like this, but you don’t have to shift much around town. With the V8’s 402 lb ft of torque you can just leave it in third.

    The spread of the infection is what destroys civilization. The story is set after the apocalypse has already happened, with the main character of Rick Grimes, a police deputy, awakening from a coma in hospital after being shot in the line of duty to find that the world has become filled with walking corpses.

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