Photo Hunting

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Photo Hunting

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Photo hunting is a way of photographing where the objects of photographing are birds, animals, insects and other creatures in their natural environment. Photo hunting combines these three aspects: sport, discovery and artistic, as the aesthetic criterions in this case are the general conditions of evaluating the photo. Photo hunting is also known as a kind of sport, but it is also used for the scientific purposes in order to study the behavior of the animals. This way of photographing spread wildly with the origin of photo cameras and telephoto lens which let them to take photos of the objects from a very short distance or to get a good picture from long distances. The only difficulty of photo hunting is that you need to record the object in the natural conditions and it is also difficult to record cautious animals.With the origin of tethered cameras the people who were dealing with photo hunting were given the opportunity to picture animals from a very short distance.


Photographing of insects. Many tricks are used in order to photograph the insects. For example, the photographer should do everything notto throw his shadow on the object, also he should choose a place where there are many insects. It is very suitable to use the serial photographing of digital cameras, so as to choose the most successful picture later. In micro photographing the little depth of the photographing area needs additional iris, in this case high radiant sensitivity is prepared, with the usage of which the quality of the picture suffers.


Photographing of birds. In order to photograph the birds the method of creating a suitable hiding place for the hunter is used. Where it would be possible to record the object without disturbing it. Birds in contrast to mammals have bed developed olfactory, but they have the ability to distinguish many complexions of colors. For these reason while photographing birds it is more advisable to use more natural coverings but there is no need to choose downwind side. For photo hunting of birds telephoto Lens are usually used.


Photographing of mammals. Mammals have well developed olfactory and hearing, but most of them have black and white sight. So in order to photograph the mammals you have to sit quite and immovable in your hiding place for a long time using the downwind side. Photo hunting is considered the most attractive and difficult branch of photographing. But these photos and videos give everyone positive emotions and great satisfaction.




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