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Top 10 handguns in the world

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 15.02.2020

1.Name: Glock 17
   Country of origin: Austria
   Designed: 1980
   Entered service: 1982


Top 10 long-range howitzers in the world

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 08.02.2020

1. Name: PLZ-05
   Manufacturer: China
   Produced: 2005
   Entered service: 2007


Top 10 best Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in the world

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 22.01.2020

1.Name: Trident II (D5)
   Manufacturer: USA
   Produced: 1977—1990
   Entered service: 1990


Top 5 best bombers in the world

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 11.01.2020

1. Name: Northrop B-2 Spirit
    Manufacturer : USA
    Produced: 1987–2000


Top 10 best armoured vehicles

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 07.01.2020

1. Armored vehicle name: MOWAG Eagle
    Manufacturer: Switzerland
    Produced: 2003-present
    Length: 5.37 m
    Crew: 1+4


Top 10 best tanks

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 05.12.2019

  1. Tank name: Leopard 2A7
    Manufacturer: Germany
    Weight: 67.5 t
    Length: 10.97m
    Crew: 4

Lake Ontario (USA & Canada)

ShootInfoShootInfo Info 03.11.2018

Geography: Lake Ontario is located in the USA and Canada. Among the lakes of the USA, Ontario is in the 5th place by its area. The Niagara River flows into Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River flows out.With Lake Erie and the Hudson River, the shipping channels of Ontario