TOP 5 Hunting Crossbows in the world

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TOP 5 Hunting Crossbows in the world Info 27.04.2020

1.Name: Barnett Jackal
   Brand: Barnett
   Model: 78404
   Speed: 98m/s

 Weight: 3,49kg
 Dimensions: 83 x 28 x 17.7сm

2.Name: Barnett Recruit
   Brand: Barnett
   Model: 78610
   Speed: 91.4m/s
  Weight: 2.9kg
  Dimensions: 30.4 x 87 x 40.6cm

3.Name: CenterPoint Sniper 370
   Brand: Crosman
   Model: AXCS185CK2
   Speed: 112 m/s
  Weight: 3,58kg
  Dimensions: 63.5 x 33 x 30cm

4.Name: SA Sports Fever
   Brand: SA Sports
   Model: 6305433
   Speed: 73m/s
  Weight: 2.17kg
  Dimensions: 83 x 28 x 10cm

5.Name: PSE Fang 350
   Brand: PSE
   Model: 01246IF
   Speed: 100 m/s
  Weight: 2.6 kg
  Dimensions: 218 x76.2x 20.32cm







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